Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit

More Than Just A Day Spa

Cosmetic Medical Procedures

Procedures such as injectables, aesthetics and weight loss programs – just to name a few – all performed by Independent Licensed Physicians on a monthly basis. Please call us for details on procedures and dates of upcoming events.

Personal Training

Achieve your fitness goals with the help of our expert Personal Trainers who are experienced with helping you develop a plan which is designed specifically for you and your needs. Our State-of-the-Art Fitness Center and Aerobics room are equipped with everything you’ll need.

Reiki & Energy Work

Reiki works on the body, the mind and on an emotional and spiritual level. It releases blocked energy, promotes relaxation and reduces stress – in most cases, Reiki is combined with a relaxation massage. Our Wellness Spa has several Reiki workers who are led by our own Reiki Master, Gary Sipel, PhD, LMT.

Free Yoga & Fitness Classes

All our Fitness Classes are led by licensed knowledgeable instructors. Yoga classes are performed daily; other weekly classes are Water Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates and Cardio Pump. All our Fitness Classes are FREE to Members and Room Guests – there’s a small charge, per class, for the general public.

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Fun Facts

Nude Yoga is practiced in many parts of the world.  It is believed that it deepens their yoga practice and teaches acceptance and love for their bodies, along with building intimate bonds with people in their yoga community.